Here are the eposides that apear in season 2 of the show.

9 "Breakfast in Bed" Jon and the kids prepare Mother's Day breakfast in bed for Kate. Later, Kate goes to the spa for some relaxation on Mother's Day.

10 "Sextuplets Turn 3!" The sextuplets' third birthday is celebrated, with Jon and Kate planning a big carnival themed birthday party.

11 "Gosselins Go Dutch" The Gosselins go to Dutch Wonderland, an amusement park, but the day has some bumps in the road, including an upset Mady and stubborn sextuplets.

12 "Sextuplets First Dentist Visit" The sextuplets visit the dentist for the first time, and meltdowns are expected.

13 "Red, White & Gosselin" It's the 4th of July, and the Gosselins go to a parade and have a picnic lunch in the park. Later, they take a swim at Beth and Bob's, only the weather doesn't hold out.

14 "Sugar Rush" Kate takes the kids to Chocolate World while Jon has to work.

15 "A Cow Purchase" The Gosselins take a trip to Natural Acres, where Kate buys half a cow.

16 "Sara Snow Visits!" Discovery Health's Sara Snow visits the Gosselins to help Jon, Kate and the kids to eat and live healthier and greener.

17* "Babies And Bedrooms" The Gosselins renovate their attic into a new room for Mady and Cara.