Here are the eposides that apear in season 1 of the show.

1 "10 Little Pumpkins" The first season kicks off with the Gosselins day at the pumpkin patch. They each get a pumpkin of their own, and they carve them for Halloween.

2 "Housekeeper Hunt" Kate tries to find a housekeeper that meets her cleaning standards.

3 "Gosselins Go West" Jon and Kate are invited to speak at a church in California. They also prepare their will.

4 "Garage Makeover" Jon begins to remodel their garage, but the kids need of attention proves challenging.

5 "Twins Turn 6" Jon and Kate take Cara and Mady to the American Girl in New York City for their sixth birthday.

6 "Shopping For Ten" Jon and Kate share their shopping strategies for a family of ten, including grocery shopping and Christmas shopping.

7 "Pancakes and Potties" The Gosselins have their weekend pancake breakfast. Later, they begin to potty train the girls.

8 "Jon Turns 30" The first season concludes with Kate surprising Jon on his 30th birthday with a trip to Key West, Florida.